Although big business may indeed secure the top headlines in the news stories of the 21st century, true success and development are built directly upon the backbone of local and community-oriented enterprises. So, why is this the case? To put it in another way, what benefits can a local company provide to a community that are not possible should customers choose to employ the services of a business based hundreds or even thousands of kilometres away?
Giving Back

One of the most pronounced advantages of choosing to utilise the services of a local business is that in many ways, all profitability and growth is kept “in house”, so to speak. In other words, the community itself will reap the successes of the improvement of the business itself. In contrast to a corporation that has no vested interests in a specific town or region, a local enterprise will likewise give back to the community in question. Most frequently, this will be seen in bespoke services that are tailored to the needs of the local population, a more personal relationship between the customer and the provider and a flexibility that will allow for a second-to-none efficiency; saving the community both time and money.

Local Employment

As we are now only beginning to emerge from the doldrums of a painfully protracted recession, it is essential that employment figures continue to rise. Should customers purchase products or services from a business located a great distance away or from a huge conglomerate, this will do little to solve local employment problems or stagnant economic conditions. The relationship here is simple: using the talents of local businesses will create local jobs. This will enable a community to thrive while allowing individuals and families who may have been otherwise struggling to enjoy a greater amount of economic stability. Overall, this will help contribute to a healthier community with more liquidity. Perhaps most importantly, the link between the employees and the community will be a bond that can allow the business to grow with the local population as opposed to in spite of it.

Money Where it is Needed

Sending money to a business abroad obviously correlates with funds contributing to the affluence of another community or region. This will do little to benefit the nearby community and surrounding regions. When customers opt for the services of a local company, this very same money will then continue to “prime the economic pump” of their own town. In financial terms, this is known as the “trickle down” theory. Money that is given to a business will be placed back into the surrounding environs. Thus, industries will directly benefit as a result. Once again, this will help contribute to better economic conditions, less unemployment and a noticeably higher standard of living; all key metrics in sustaining a thriving local atmosphere.

Less is More

By their very nature, larger conglomerates and multinational businesses tend to charge more for their services. This is frequently in direct contrast to local organisations that are enjoying dealing with local customers. As there will be less overhead and more targeted product development, customers can expect the prices for goods and services to be drastically reduced. The undeniable result of this scenario is that from a local standpoint, a greater amount of cost savings can be enjoyed by all.

Likewise, the supplier will be able to devote less time into major marketing campaigns and shipping costs. This will enable the local employees to partake in a greater amount of benefits and salaries that may even be comparatively higher to those offered by larger corporations. Such affluence and savings are indeed attractive to everyone involved.

Local Equals Lucrative

So, it should now be clear to appreciate the numerous windfalls which can be enjoyed when customers choose to remain loyal to local businesses. Not only does this make a great deal of economic sense, the community itself will prosper from a unique feeling of solidarity. As a result, the financial boon that will accompany this situation will be mutually beneficial. In these modern times that are undoubtedly defined by a growing level of global competition and an emphasis on economic stability, local businesses are truly the mainstay of a successful community. While there are indeed times when the resources of a larger conglomerate may be required, those regions that understand the benefits of embracing the local business are the very same that will continue to grow and enjoy unparallelled levels of affluence into the future.

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