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Hanson Hunt Limited

We are a youthful business, having started out in 2011, yet our IT recruitment experiences dates back to the dark ages of the 1990′s. Of course, we remain as passionate about technology and recruitment now as we did back then. Today we provide comprehensive recruitment solutions to talented individuals and prominent businesses within the fields of Big Data and Infrastructure.

Our passion for ‘new shiny things’ ensures that we are always innovating. We constantly evaluate and deploy new tools and practices, allowing us to identify and assess the most talented IT professionals. We strive to provide candidates with sound advice and support throughout the recruitment process.

When it comes to working with businesses, of course we operate in way that you will be familiar and comfortable with. Yet for example, we have software that allows you to build an interactive Job Description, measure every interview, highlight skills shortages and manage on-going appraisal and training needs, pretty cool huh?

Finally we are happy to share the latest trends, advice, tools and industry news, using such things as blogs, newsletters and relevant social media, soon we will be introducing seminars and video interviews to the mix.

As much as we enjoy mixing the old with the new, our experience ensures that above all, we place integrity at the heart of what we do. Hence, ‘always placing you first’ is not just a statement, it is our company philosophy.

If you are looking for a new role, or are keen to understand how we can help you to attract the best talent, then please do get in contact.