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Agreement as a Means of Resolution

What is Mediation?

It’s not clear what mediation is.
Through mediation, persons who are dealing with the fallout from a failed relationship might find a way to work things out peacefully.

An experienced and certified family mediator facilitates a voluntary and confidential process where the parties may discuss their difficulties, hopes and worries with one another. Child Mediation Surrey

There is no better way to foster long-term healthy communication than via family mediation.

An objective, professionally qualified mediator helps you work out child and financial arrangements after a divorce.Mediation can also useful when plans change, especially as your children grow older. Miams family mediation

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Mediation Process

Future financial plans and arrangements proposed

The Mediation Process


A MIAM is the initial step in the mediation process, and it is here that the mediator assumes his or her formal function.


When it comes to mediation, everyone involved must agree to participate voluntarily. You cannot force anybody to participate in mediation.


The average mediation session lasts an hour and a half, although it can be structured in any way the parties choose. One problem, such as child custody, may require their services on a regular basis, or they may want to focus on a specific one.


If the mediation sessions are successful, the mediator will create a memorandum of understanding between the parties, which may then be submitted to court to make it an official and legally enforceable order.

Mediation in Action

What Our Clients Say

In order to have a better knowledge of the options available to me, I took advantage of the 30-minute consultation, and I found the session to be extremely useful.
Emily Rotten
This was an excellent start to the debate. In a calm, clear, and well-structured manner, the essential characteristics of mediation and how the process will work will be presented.
Mike Devos
To have a better understanding of the alternatives accessible to me, I took advantage of the 30-minute consultation, which I found quite beneficial.
Dominic Jenskin

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